Welcome to the new registration page for ATHS!

To begin your registration please click on Register in the upper right hand corner. Everyone will need to fill out the Register as an Exhibitor page, weather you are bringing a truck or not. Who knows, you might in the future!

If you are bringing trucks, click on the My Collection link.

If you are NOT bringing trucks click on the Convention & Truck Show link in the upper right hand area.

Remember, you will need to have all of your truck information before you begin. You can also add pictures of your trucks and trailers as you register them! The truck information you put in will stay from year to year. 

To log into your account and add/change information to your collection of trucks, click the log in, enter your email address and click on the Retrieve Password link. This will send you a temporary password you can then reset. The sign ins for ATHS.org and for register.ATHS.org are not the same.